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Washington, DC

For the Christmas break I went to see my friends in Washington, DC

My dream has always been to go to some famous places, to see some interesting things, to meet important people, and to do something unusual. And during my stay here I think I got opportunities to do all those things.
The Christmas break started here on December, 17, 2004, and lasted till January, 3, 2005. I celebrated Christmas with my host family on December, 25th, and the next day I left for Washington, DC. I had to change planes one time in Salt Lake City, and I was a little bit concerned about that. Although I had one hour to do that, I worried about how to find the terminal and gates, but I eventually found them. Although I had to ask for help a couple times, it wasn't a big problem. So, the first day I arrived to Washington Dulles airport, and as I met my friends, we went to the Airplane museum, and saw a lot of famous planes. One of those was the original plane that dropped a bomb on one of the towns in Japan during the
World War II.
I had only six days to stay there, so our schedule was kind of tight. The next day we went to see the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, the Memorial to the Soldiers of the Korean War. The next day we went to see the US Capitol building, and on the way back we saw the Pengaton. Another day we spent going to the mall, and then we went to Virginia. My friends took me to the ocean, and I got to see the Chesapeake Bay and the Jamesriver. We gathered some shells at the ocean beach. It was on December, 31, the New Year's night. But the next day I had to leave early in the morning, so I didn't get a chance to stay up till after 12:00.
The next day I got to the Norfolk airport, from where I had to fly to Atlanta, GA, and then to Salt Lake City, from where I had to fly to Twin Falls. My flights went fine, except they delaid the first flight for like 3,5 hours. But after that I got home without any problems.
This was one of my best times in the US so far. It was very exciting to get to see all those famous places, and I am really thankful to my friends for giving me this chance to visit with them.

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