Amazing moments--great life!

Nataliya Zolot

Hey everyone!!! I've been keeping this site for quite a long time, but I always enjoy adding something to it and changing it. As every person, I have some principles I follow in my life, and some goals I want to accomplish. But in general I am a usual Ukrainian teenager who lives a normal life, facing usual problems all teens do.

I just had a challenge of going to America, which I had to overcome, and it gave me a big great experience. But as a usual person I've got challenges that I've gotta face every day, and choices I have to make. I enjoy to do a lot of things: draw, write, sing, play sports and games, communicate, etc. I like to hang out with my friends, but I think that a real friend is the one that "holds your hand and feels your heart". But I just like to live and enjoy the life, and try to accept all the opportunities, not to regret about something that wasn't done and can't be done anymore... Coming back home, I had a lot of fun moments meeting my family and friends. And actually I'm trying to have fun in all lively situations to make life more exciting.

I hope you enjoyed the site, cause I tried to fill it with interesting and fun stuff. I enjoyed making the site too, and sharing parts of my life with you.

Thanks for visiting!!!